Sports Specific Training For Golf

Golf is a sport that requires power, flexibility and core strength. Research shows that this can be developed through sports specific training. This is defined as exercise that combines the same range of motion, similar movements of a sports skill and the same type of muscular contraction. Sports specific training also can help reduce sports related injuries.

An example of a functional training movement for golf could be a weighted cable rotation. In this case, the movement for golf is similar, the muscles used are the same and the range of motion is similar. The client places his hands on the cable and swivels the hips and torso replicating the movement in golf. Having taught golf strength and conditioning programs, this exercise is very effective for improving sports performance for golfers. Clients that I have trained have seen a dramatic improvement in the distance they can drive a golf ball by practicing sports specific movements for golf. A golfer needs sports specific strength training to drive a golf ball efficiently.

The power of the golf swing comes from the inner core strength that great golfers have. Tiger Woods became great golfer by performing strength workouts designed for golf. Flexibility is another key component for golfers that ties in with sports specific training. Golfers must be flexible; otherwise the range of motion of the golf swing can be limited. Lack of flexibility can reduce the amount of power a golfer can produce. Athletes that lack flexibility for sports can increase their risk of injury.

Stretching properly in conjunction with sports specific training will help reduce sports related injuries. A golfer must be flexible and strong in the core, lower body and upper body. This can help reduce the risk of injuries associated with golf. For example, most back injuries in golfers occur because they lack flexibility and core strength. Overuse injuries can also occur if golfers do not stretch and strengthen efficiently. An example is golfer’s elbow which is a common injury that many golfers can develop. It is an injury golfers develop through swinging a golf club repetitively. It is form of tendonitis or inflammation for the tendon that develops on the inside of the elbow. Specific training for golf will not necessarily stop any injuries from occurring but the risk can be potentially lower. Many sports related injuries are muscle related due to lack of conditioning. It is beneficial for anyone to seek coaching for training for a particular sport. I have trained many clients and sports specific training has helped develop them to become better athletes.