Golf, the Sport of the Elite

Golf is one of the most challenging and interesting sports that is played all over the world where some people take it as a hobby and others as a serious profession. The game requires extreme concentration and practice in which golfers have to hit balls into a series of holes with least number of strokes. For beginners, the game can be terribly complicated as it involves many rules and guidelines one needs to follow due to which it can take a lot of time for people to understand the basics of the game. Earlier, golf was typically considered as a game for grown-ups who used to play it for social reasons, but now even kids have started taking the sport as passionately as adults do.

Starting from selecting the right type of clubs and balls, to understanding the length and speed of the swings, there is a lot one needs to know before engaging in the thrilling sport. Nowadays, there are many well-developed golf communities in the world that encourage the retired as well as zealous golfers to indulge in the sport. A lavish golf community may include concierge services, spas, and fine dining establishments to entertain the family members of the players and leisure activities like horseback riding to keep the young ones busy. No wonder, Golf is usually considered to be a status symbol for high-class society.

Several golf events and tournaments are organized every year that arouse interest and motivate people to be a part of the sport.These golf tournaments offer huge prizes where the winners battle out to the Grand Final to win the Champion’s Cup. Independent tour organizations own and run their professional golf tours and it is usually difficult to acquire the membership of such tours. However,those who are tournament pros can easily achieve it. There are usually three categories of championships, Men’s major Championship, Women’s major Championship and Senior Major Championship.

The interest in Golf is high in the USA and the country currently has over 18000 golf courses. Though, lately there have been many environment related issues that have been rising due to the construction of golf courses throughout the world. The golf courses usually require a lot of water for irrigation and use pesticides and fertilizers which are harmful for the environment.Due to this, environmentalists oppose the construction of golf courses to avoid further deterioration of the environment.

Despite the environmental issues related to golf, the sport has always remained noble and less hyped amid audience. The disciplinarian attributes that one needs to have to play this sport makes it even more fascinating. The game helps in expanding social networks and provides an equal opportunity to set up a business associated with it. Golf has indeed become more than a game and it is important to realize what one can achieve by being a part of this honorable game.