Golf – Ideal Sport For The Elderly

Change is the only constant thing and we all undergo change. Wear and tear happens to basically everything and everyone. Life and death maintains this equilibrium; when death comes, life as well appears. From a single-celled organism to a complex one like humans it occurs. Man is probably the most obvious to change. From infancy to toddlerhood to school age to teenage years to the time of one’s adulthood until death it is inevitable. It is up to man how he can deal with change and turn it into something positive and worthwhile.

According to Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development, each stage of one’s life, man must find meaning to it, otherwise, the negative effect of it would be a sense of failure and man’s development in this stage would be delayed which further affect the other coming stage of man’s life. The last two stages of man’s psychosocial development are the generativity vs. isolation (25-65) and integrity vs. despair (65 years and above). Generativity could actually be in a form a sport, an interest, or an art and not just the typical thought of having to raise children and being good in society, with the success of the development in this stage, it as well affect the last stage in man which is integrity v. despair.

Now, how can a sport be actually helpful for the adults and the elderly? Now what type of sport could I recommend basing on the physical and emotional needs and the adult or the elderly’s developmental stages making them productive and enjoy a sport at the same time? GOLF is the answer. Why golf? As we all know, golf is a ball game where one actually enjoys emotional and social benefits. Aside from this benefit, it actually helps adults (25-65 years) and the elderly (65 and above) go into physical activities such as walking during a game of golf through the golf field which is a basic form of exercise and scientifically proven to equal half an hour of an extreme exercise. Golf not only fulfills the physical, social, and emotional needs of the adults and the elderly but it will develop their worth in the developmental stage that they are in. What better way to make yourself, your mother or father, and your grandmother of grandfather fit? Play a game of golf that you and your entire family can certainly enjoy.

I would like to reiterate that our older generation deserves to enjoy the remaining years of their lives. In any way that they can express themselves, let it be so according to their joy.